Saturday, April 30, 2011

Faith in Jesus Christ

One of the Christlike attributes we need to develop is the simple word of faith. Faith in Jesus Christ Himself to be more specific. The simple definition of faith is believing in something you can't see. That is essentially what faith is. Faith in Jesus Christ, is believing in Him and who He is, although we have never seen, or met Him personally. However, we do read all about Christ in the scriptures, and by so doing, we can come to know Christ and to have faith and believe in Him. To have faith in Christ, we must accept Him as our Savior and follow His teachings. We believe that through Jesus Christ, we can be forgiven of our sins and become clean through His Atoning sacrifice in our behalf. Also, you trust in Him and you know that He loves you with unconditional love.
Faith, believe it or not, is an action word. When we have faith, we want to do something. Faith leads to repentance when we sin, obedience to the commandments, and giving service to others. When you have faith, you trust the Lord enough to follow His commandments even if you don't clearly understand why. Your faith is shown by what you do in your life, or in other words, your faith is shown by your works. If you don't do anything to show your faith, then your faith is dead as is states in James chapter 2.
Now, incredible faith doesn't just come to someone overnight. It begins as a tiny seed and if nourished, it will grow into a giant tree. Your faith will increase with scripture study, prayer, service, and obedience to the commandments. As you strive to be a better disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, your faith in Him will grow. Faith is such a simple principle, yet it is a crucial principle to develop because we walk by faith rather than by sight so we can make it back to our Father in Heaven. Through faith, we can be blessed beyond measure.
I know that if we develop faith in Christ by learning more about Him, and by striving to keep His commandments, then we will find ourselves trusting in the Lord a little bit more each and everyday. We can live a joyful, peaceful life if we put our faith and trust in the Lord enough to follow Him to the end of our lives, with confidence that He will make out lives worthwhile. 

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