Tuesday, June 21, 2011


     Okay back to the Christlike Attributes. The next one I would like to talk about is diligence. Diligence is an important attribute to have. Not only in the gospel of Jesus Christ and doing His work, but also in our every day lives. One needs to be diligent in accomplishing his or her life's goal. Diligence in all we do will take us far in life.
     To be diligent means, "constant in effort to accomplish something; attentive and persistent in doing anything." Throughout our lives, we go through many different tasks which we want to accomplish. Some of those tasks may include a school or job project, making the school sports team, getting into a certain school to earn a degree in an area of your choice or even some yard work. If we are not diligent, if we don't put in constant effort to finish our task, we won't be able to reach our ending goal. It's important that we do find that determination within ourselves and be diligent so we can accomplish any life goal we may have.
     Everyone in life also goes through different trials and tribulations through their life. These trials and difficult to overcome at times and we often want to just give up and quit. But like any goal we wish to accomplish, we need to put in our effort and be diligent in our trials knowing that if we are doing our best in life, we will eventually overcome our trials and be freed from the burdens that beset us. If we push through our trials with faith and diligence, the Lord will see our efforts and will bless us in our time of need. We can't just sit back and wait to for the blessings to come because they most likely won't. We need to be active and do what we are supposed to even when we may not want to and it may be hard, but as long as we do, then the blessings will flow.
     I know that being diligent in all that we do will help us become better people and we will find success in our lives. The most important thing we need to be diligent in is living the gospel of Jesus Christ and sharing His gospel with others. That's why we as missionaries go out door to door to try and find people who will listen to our wonderful true message we have to share. I know as long as we missionaries are diligent, even when times are tough and we may be tired, if we stay diligent and be persistent, we will find people who are interested in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Diligence is important and we can go far in life when we are diligent. I know all this to be true.

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