Saturday, December 3, 2011

Kingdoms of Glory

 At the final Judgement God and Jesus Christ will judge us according to our works and our desires done here on earth. We will then, be rewarded to reside for eternity in one of three kingdoms. Those who accepted and followed the full gospel of Jesus Christ, doing the necessary ordinances, will be rewarded to the highest kingdom, known as the Celestial Kingdom. They will live in the presence of God and progress eternally to become like Him. They will also live with those of their family who qualify. There is no end in the Celestial Kingdom. Its glory is compared to the glory of the Sun, the brightest of all!

Those who don't accept the full gospel of Jesus Christ, but were good people lived good honest lives will be rewarded in the Terrestrial Kingdom. They will not however be able to live in God's presence or be able to become like Him. They can only progress to a certain point. This kingdom is compared to the glory of the moon.

Those people who didn't have a desire to follow Jesus Christ, who didn't repent and lived in their sins, will be rewarded with the lowest kingdom known as the Telestial  Kingdom. These people will obviously not live with God and they won't be able to progress very much. This Kingdom is compared to the glory of the stars.
I know someone who likes to compare the kingdom of Glory to God's Mansion. Those who go to the Celestial Kingdom will be inside the house, chillin with God in His living room and being happy forever. Those in the Terrestrial Kingdom are the people who are out on the front porch, looking through the windows but can't come in. Sounds pretty disappointing. Last, those in the Telestial Kingdom are those who are out in the outhouse. Hope that explanation will give a good visual. I know which kingdom I want to live in, I hope you want to live with God too.

And that is the Plan of Salvation. I testify that this is the Plan that God set before us from the beginning. I  know that if we follow this plan, then we will have the opportunity to live with God and our families for eternity. I know that Jesus Christ, through His Atonement, fulfilled this plan. Let us look to Him and follow His example and true gospel.

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